Market Commentary

Market Commentary - March 16th, 2018

The balance of bullish arguments (earnings, economy) and bearish arguments (valuations, interest rates, tariffs) netted a down week for U.S. and most international equity markets while the yield curve flattened a fair amount. [...]

Market Commentary - March 9th, 2018

Last week, equity markets celebrated the nine-year anniversary of the bull market which began on March 9th, 2009. U.S. equity markets shrugged off new tariffs signed by POTUS, another high-profile resignation from the White House, and welcomed a denuclearize salvo from North Korea as a sign of reduced likelihood of conflict in Asia. Non-U.S. equities, commodities, and interest rates moved higher as well. A blowout February jobs report on Friday had many investors seeing a "Goldilocks" scenario with higher output accompanied with a higher ceiling for output. [...]

Market Commentary - February 23rd, 2018

A holiday shortened week with a relatively light economic and corporate earnings calendar left equity and commodity markets slightly higher while interest rates were largely unchanged. Equity market volatility (VIX) continued to settle from the 37.3 peak on February 5 to 16.5 by the end of the week. Technology stocks led the way last week alongside energy companies who benefited from a 3% rally in oil prices. [...]

Market Commentary - February 16th, 2018

Positive economic data and continued strong earnings sent the S&P 500 to its best week since 2013 after getting slammed into correction territory in a remarkably short time period since late January. Three of the four main indices (S&P 500, DJIA, NASDAQ, Russell 2000) are back above their 50 day moving averages and now stand roughly 3%-5% below their record highs. [...]

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